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Hauptman Family

Alla Gauptman honors her family, the Hauptmans, who had lived in a number of Polish cities and towns before the Holocaust, including Katowice, Kielce, Radomsko, and Lodz. Alla’s grandfather, father, uncle, and cousin had told her that all of her family members who lived in Poland were killed during the Holocaust. Although the spelling of the family name changed, the family name was not extinguished. One or more individuals in the family had left Poland around 1910 and eventually moved to Baku, Azerbaijan (formerly under the domain of the Russian Empire). Alla’s grandfather, Isaac, lived in Baku until his death in 1958, but he had four children, one of whom was Alla’s father, an engineer. Isaac’s brother, Abram, who worked in the family business as a wood turner, died during the Holocaust. With the exception of one son, the remaining members of Abram’s family were killed during the Holocaust. Abram’s son lived in Baku until his death in 1979. A surviving photograph of this family is available, but it does not picture all of the Hauptman family members who died during World War II.

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