Baruch Weiss

Frida Landau honors her father Baruch Weiss (also known as Meyer Baruch Weiss), who was born in Hudlovo, Czechoslovakia in 1879. Hudlovo was a small town of about 400 to 600 families, seven of which were Jewish. He worked as a farmer as well as a kosher butcher. Frida remembers him as very kind and loving, a man who had a very deep commitment to his Jewish heritage and to his family. Frida writes, “I remember my father going to nearby towns every week before Shabbos to recruit three or four Jews so we could have a minyan for Shabbos at one of the Jewish homes in our town. All of the families in our town would chip in some money to get these people to come to our town and pray with us. My Dad did the same thing for all the Holidays.” Frida last saw her father when they were separated at Auschwitz, where he died in 1944.

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