David “Doodie” Rosenblum

David Rosenblum

Susan Limor honors her uncle David (“Doodie”) Rosenblum, her father’s brother, but eventually also her step-father, as he later married her mother after her father died. Doodie was born in 1930 and remembers the persecution of the Jews before the war. He was sent to a concentration camp in 1944, and was imprisoned for a few days in Auschwitz in addition to several other camps. He spent time in the same concentration camps as his brother Tibor, who was born in 1928. After the Holocaust, Doodie moved to Israel in 1949, where he was an airplane mechanic, and then moved New York in 1955 with his sister Alice’s help. After the move to the states, Doodie worked as a small appliance repairman and finally as a book keeper for a utility company. As of 1993, he was living in Nashville, Tennessee.

David Rosenblum’s grandparents

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