Itzchak Lipszyc (Irvin Limor)

Elizabeth Limor has honored her husband Itzhak Lipszyc (Irvin Limor), who was born in Czestochowa, Poland, and was later sent to the Czestochowa ghetto and then to the Hasag Munitions Factory/Czestochowa Slave Labor Camp during the Holocaust. In 1942, Limor moved to the Czestochowa ghetto with his family. Other family members were later taken to the Treblinka death camp, but Irvin and his brother Menachem were small enough to evade capture by hiding in a hole in the attic. Irvin was reunited with his brother Menachem during the Liberation. He later married Elizabeth Dobrzynski and moved to Israel with their new baby son. The couple eventually settled in Nashville.

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