Käthe and Heinrich Levisohn

The Mayer family and Eric Silver honor Käthe Levisohn, who was born in Hamburg, Germany, in 1907, and her little boy Heinrich, who was born in 1937. He was only four years old on November 18, 1941, when he, his mother, Käthe, his aunts, Ruth and Hermine, and his grandmother, Caroline, were put on a transport to Minsk, site of the infamous Minsk Ghetto (see Caroline Mayer). Käthe’s brother Hans, with Martha, Lora and Lutz, had previously been admitted to the United States on the American quota, so they escaped the fate that awaited the others. The death of his close family members was, of course, quite traumatic for Hans, who, later in his life, would present a beautiful wine glass to Temple Beth Emeth in Wilmington, Delaware, in their memory.

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