Kurt A. Rose

Ellen Rose Levy and Robin Rose of Nashville, Carol Rose Appel of Cincinnati, Janet Rose Blum of Chicago, and Arlene Rose Pukach of Israel honor their father, Kurt Rose, who was born in Hannover, Germany, on June 20, 1920. His father, Leopold Rose, worked as a butcher in Hannover, and Kurt, while a student, left Germany (with the help of Fred Goldner, Sr.) in June 1937. When he arrived in Nashville, he lived with Reta Guttman’s family for a little over a year until his brother Werner Rose, his father Leo Rose, and his mother Johanna Rose were all able to get out of Germany. Kurt was eventually reunited with his parents; he lived in an apartment in Nashville with his family until he moved to Meridian, Mississippi, where he lived for 27 years and raised his five daughters. Kurt Rose was interviewed by the Shoah Foundation, Steven Spielberg’s Holocaust project. Some of Kurt’s family members are also honored by Reta Guttman and Norma Neaderthal on an earlier panel.

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