Lea and David Naft

Lea Naft (the sister of Goldie Morris’ father) and her sister Sara Seidner grew up in a small farming town in Czechoslovakia amongst a community of Christians. During the first year of Nazi domination, they were placed under house arrest, but the two were eventually taken to a ghetto in 1942. They were soon sent to Stutthof, a concentration camp, where they were put to work at hard labor, digging a landing strip and building a railroad. The sisters managed to stay together, even during a forced march during the winter of 1944-145, a journey that resulted in the death of many prisoners. Lea and Sara were eventually liberated by Allied soldiers. Lea later married David Naft and settled in Nashville, Tennessee. David Naft worked a number of jobs during his lifetime: he managed a department store on Charlotte Avenue in West Nashville and he also bought a dry goods store.  

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