Leib and Sheindl Seidner

Jack Seidner honors his father, Leib, and mother, Sheindl, who both perished in the Holocaust. The couple kept a Jewish home and had five sons; Jack, the youngest, was born around 1921. Jack’s son, Leo, never met his grandparents, but he knows that Leib worked as a boot maker in Romania. He traveled around the rural area extensively, and usually knew everyone’s shoe size because he became so familiar with his customers. During the war, when Leib and Sheindl were fleeing the Nazis, their son Jack tried to save his parents. But before he knew it, they disappeared during the chaos. Jack married Sara Seidner, and the couple had five children, one of whom was named after Sheindl (Janice). Leo is also named after a family member who perished in the Holocaust.

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