Malka Nussen Yaeger, Moshe Nussen, Abraham Nussen, and the Three Sons of Beryl Nussen Whose Wives and Children All Perished

Susan Limor honors her aunt Malka Nussen Yaeger, her uncles Moshe Nussen and Abraham Nussen, and her other (unnamed) aunts and uncles and their children who died during the Holocaust. All of the family was from Kosice, Czechoslovakia, and had been raised in an Orthodox home. Many of the children resisted this strict upbringing, and the home was consequently known for its “rough and tumble” atmosphere with young boys frequently finding themselves in trouble. Malka and her sister Yentu survived Auschwitz. Moshe and Abraham also survived the war, but under different circumstances. Moshe’s wife had been used in Nazi experiments, while Abraham managed to escape from a Russian labor camp. After his escape, he made it to Italy, and eventually to Israel. The names of the other immediate family members who died in the Holocaust are unknown, but two brothers, Micklos and Zoltan, survived because they had left Czechoslovakia before the war began. Micklos had moved to Israel, while Zoltan fought for the British and was never captured.

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