Rudolf Levy

Lily Levy honors her husband Rudolf Levy, who was born in Konz, Germany, in 1904. Rudolf and his mother were able to leave Europe in February 1936 to come to the United States. Once in America, he lived in Chicago, Cincinnati, and eventually, Nashville. His sister and brother-in-law had previously arrived in the United States. Rudolf Levy married Lily Levy in 1940; the couple met at a dinner at the Jewish Center in downtown Nashville. Lily had left Germany from Stuttgart as a teenager in 1934. She had been able to come to the United States because of the May family, who helped many Jews escape Germany before the war began. Lily worked at the May Hosiery Mill after she arrived from Germany. The couple had two children, Ellen, born in 1942, and Kara, born in 1944. Rudolf Levy died in 1981. Lily remembers her husband as a very special person who took good care of his family. He was also very active in the Jewish community.

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