Sala (Sally) Wolkoff

Honored by Ruthie Hungerford and Debie Sontag

Sally Wolkoff was born in 1921 in Pabianice, Poland, and survived Mauthausen and Freiburg Concentration Camps, along with three of her sisters. The last time she saw her family together, it was “in line awaiting separation at Auschwitz. Two of my sisters were sent to the airplane factory and my other sister and I were sent for office work.” Her mother, father, and other siblings all died in the Holocaust. After liberation, she was ill and weak, but she returned to Poland to see which family members had survived. Soon after, she married Henry, who she had met during the war. They eventually moved to the United States and settled in Nashville, where they jointly ran a jewelry store. The couple raised two daughters, Ruth and Deborah, both of whom now have children of their own.

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