Shaya Landau

Frida Landau honors her husband, Shaya Landau, who was born in Poland on December 27, 1916. At the beginning of the war, probably in1939, he went to Siberia, but he never talked about what took place while he was there; it is only known that he worked very hard with very little food. After the war, Shaya met his future wife, Frida, in Salzberg, Austria, where they coincidentally met when they were registering to leave the country. They soon became engaged. Frida left first, and moved to Toronto, where she waited two years for him to join her. Frida’s sister Esther lived in Nashville, so she eventually moved to be nearer to her sister. The couple settled in Nashville, and together, worked in a general merchandise clothing store in Nashville until 1975, when the store closed. Shaya Landau died in the early 1990s in Nashville. Frida remembers him as being very good man who was quiet but very religious.

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