Theresa F. Lapidus

Theresa Lapidus (also Resi Moses) was born in Wolfenbüttel, Germany, in 1929. While she was a young girl, her father owned a shoe store. Eventually he began to suffer persecution from the Nazis. The family left for America in 1938 when she was only nine years old. Lapidus notes, “It was a tough life for us, in a new country, but we appreciated every bit of what America let us realize.” Lapidus later studied ballet and danced at Carnegie Hall in New York as well as with an opera company. She also raised a family in Belle Meade, including three daughters: Debbie, born in 1952; Judy, born in 1955; and Nancy, born in 1959. She was married to Curt Freudenthal until his death in 1985, and later remarried.

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