Verkeliasov and Moskovitz Families

Rose Benis Lundberg honors the Verkeliasov family (Chaim Jacov, Raizel, Maryim, and Pesel), all of whom were born in a portion of Czechoslovakia (Hust or Karpashnov) that is now a part of the Ukraine. The family lived on a farm with fruit and nut trees. Lundberg’s grandmother Raisel was put in jail when her daughter (Rose’s mother) was two years old because her husband was supposed to serve in the army but could not because he was in the United States. At a later point in time, Raisel was taken out to a wooded area (along with others from her town) with the promise of employment; instead, she was shot. Lundberg’s aunt was last seen at Auschwitz in 1945.  Rose Benis Lundberg also honors the Moskovitz family, which is her maternal grandmother’s family, also from Hust or Karpashnov, Czechoslovakia.

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