Yehuda and Rivka Rosenblum, Their Children, and Other Unnamed Family Members

Susan Limor honors Yehuda Rosenblum, her paternal grandfather, and Rivka Rosenblum, her paternal grandmother. Both were from Kosice, Czechoslovakia, and were observant Orthodox Jews. It is believed that Yehuda was a kosher butcher who owned land and managed farm animals. Before the war began, their house in Kosice was taken away from them because they were Jewish, and they were forced to pay rent. They had numerous children, including Josef Rosenblum, Alice Rosenblum, David “Doodie” Rosenblum, and Tibor Rosenblum. Alice Rosenblum survived her internment in a concentration camp, and later moved to New York, where she raised a family and continued to follow her strict Orthodox roots. Tibor Rosenblum was also in a concentration camp during the Holocaust; he survived the war, followed his strict Orthodox roots, moved to Israel, and later settled in New York. It is believed that Yehuda and Rivka had at least one child (whose name is unknown) that did not survive the Holocaust.  

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