Yentu Nussen Rosenblum

Susan Limor honors Yentu Nussen Rosenblum, her mother, who was born in Kosice, Czechoslovakia, and survived her internment in Auschwitz. Yentu was intelligent and strong-willed; she survived academically under many regimes but found herself in a struggle for her life because she was Jewish. She had heard what was happening to Jews through friends, but rather than obtaining a passport and leaving the country, she chose to stay behind to take care of her elderly parents. When Auschwitz was liberated by the Russians, she and her sister Malka tried to look diseased in order to avoid being raped by rogue Russian soldiers. To do this, she wiped berries on her face in order to give herself a flushed and unhealthy appearance. Yentu spent several years in Israel after the war, but eventually moved to New York and New Jersey, and finally, Nashville.

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