Yisrual Leib and Leah (Jacubowitz) Schlanger

Leah Schlanger

Helene Schlanger Rothschild honors her father Yisrual Leib Schlanger; he was 66 years old when he was sent to a concentration camp in Uzhorod, Czechoslovakia, in 1940. As a younger man, he had spent some time in the United States, probably in the Scranton, Pennsylvania, area. He later returned to Europe, where he and his family lived in Ciganovitz, Czechoslovakia. There, Yisruel Leib managed a summer resort with baths and mineral water. Helene remembers the resort as being located amongst hills and forests, with a creek running through it.  Helene’s mother, Leah Jacubowitz Schlanger, was born in Chudlov, Czechoslovakia, around 1886, and married in 1903. In 1904, she had her first daughter, Sadie. Leah died at Auschwitz in 1944.

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