Yitzchok and Faga Stern’s Children

Diana Lutz honors her mother’s parents, Isaac Yitzak and Fannie Stern. Isaac Yitzak Stern was born in Chelm, Poland, in 1873, to the parents of Hersh Stern and Ruchel Speuman. He was a builder in Poland and became a Kosher butcher when he came to America. He married Fannie (Faiga) Achtman, daughter of Tzivi Achman, in 1895. Fannie was born in 1879 in Chelm, Poland. Issac and Fannie Stern had thirteen children, three of whom were killed in the Holocaust: Moishe, Henreietta, and Cyma. Other children in the family died as infants or as young toddlers, but the three surviving children were Molly, Dorothy (known as Devorah), and Ruth. Mollie came to the United States in 1919, followed by her father Isaac, and Fannie, Dorothy, and Ruth in 1932. Isaac and Fannie lived in St Louis, Missouri, and they died in 1943 and 1961, respectively. They are buried in Cheverah Kadisha cemetery in St. Louis.

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